Some audio documentaries produced and presented by Arrey Mbongaya Ivo under the banner of slots in three radio stations namely,Eden radio, ocean city radio and Bradford Community Broadcasting, FM 106.6 Bradford, United Kingdom:

  1. Sangoma traditions of Southern Africa presented by Arrey Ivo over Bradford Community Radio (2007)
  2. You are listening to a radio slot by Arrey Ivo on traditional livestock techniques, genetic engineering in Africa over Bradford Community Broadcasting (2007)
  3. Oromo traditions of East Africa presented by Arrey Ivo over BCB RADIO; fm 106.6
  4. You are listening to a documentary about eru forest plant, its scarcity and its marketability. Interview of “eru” woman Angela Ambesi is in Pidgin English.
  5. Black Economic Empowerment, South Africa and the empire of Songhay by Arrey Ivo over Bradford Community Broadcasting
  6. Nigerian movies appreciated by Arrey Ivo including some interviews over Kulture Klub, programme on FM 88.5, Limbe, Cameroon

As our way of reaching out to you below are some Arrey Ivo radio slots for your free down load. Enjoy the hospitality of the African Centre for Community and Development.

coming soon are many slots on community based development, livelihoods, arts, cultures etc.