The Director for the African Centre for community and development has and is still conducting series of interviews as a means for data collection, knowledge exchange etc so as to facilitate policy makers design best instruments for Cameroon, Africa and the world. Here are some of these interviews which can also be gotten by contacting the Director Arrey Mbongaya Ivo. Any interests in acquiring broadcast rights can also be done in this way.

(All videos start and end with the same jingle but they all different. videos are all different even though they have the same start up signal)

 The videos and audio documentaries include:

  1. Arrey Ivo covering women’s day in Cameroon (2006) 
  2. A documentary on between interactive forum & future of interactive media by Arrey Ivo (2007) at the National Museum of Television and Photography Bradford UK.
  3. Arrey Ivo interviewing Local musician from Limbe, Cameroon (2006).
  4. Arrey Ivo covering Immanent exhibition at Bradford Diocese in which he participated as painter and poet (06/2007) UK